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ArtContempo is an artist marketing co-op. We go beyond just providing a site to retail on. We provide independent artists a web presence and a clear marketing strategy to promote themselves as professional artists providing artistic services within their local community in addition to selling online to the global community through our artist co-op.

Your potential clients' first impression of you should be both talented AND professional. A strong first impression can leave you in the running when clients are obtaining estimates. Put yourself in the mind of a client, what would you look for when hiring someone? In today's market, many consumers research online before ever making a telephone call. ArtContempo's artist co-op provides a platform for prospective clients to research your unique  portfolio, learn something about your background and check out your references. Our artists' co-op, with a variety of artistic services and products to offer, can only serve to enhance your online and community reputation.


SAVE MONEY: As an artist co-op, we keep costs down for you because we all share in the expense by paying a small membership application/setup fee and really low artist co-op membership renewal fees. Additionally, our commissions are at least half what you'd pay a brick and mortar storefront.

ENJOY REFERRALS: You will share in the referrals for artistic services through our artists' co-op. When ArtContempo receives a lead for artistic work, we put the lead out to our artists. For example, if we receive a lead for a portrait artist, we offer the lead to the artist within that community who specializes in portraits, if it's a mural job in Jacksonville, Florida, we refer the lead to a muralist in the Jacksonville area, and so on.

DIRECT LEADS: Prospective clients can contact you directly. Your unique contact page, located on our artists co-op website, will contain an email form that, when submitted by a prospective client, is sent directly to your personal email address.

SHARE THE WEALTH: Our member artists often share work with each other. This allows them to complete a job in a timely manner and collaberate with other local talent.

We provide you with a website address to aid you in your own marketing efforts. People today expect to be able to visit you online, peruse your work, shop for themselves or others, all in the comfort of their own home or office. Most artists, while extremely talented, don't have a business card, let alone a professionally designed website. Does this sound like you? If so, we want to help you change that. At prices even a starving artist can afford, we'll get you online and in style. You'll be proud to offer up a domain name ( and you will automatically lift your business to a new, more professional level. The bottom line, an artist co-op benefits everyone.

What our artist co-op can offer you:

  • Listing on our Artist Directory
  • A minimum of 3 Artist Pages - inlcuding an artist bio page, an artist portfolio page and a contact page. With mini-navigation tucked into your artist pages, potential clients can view your works of art, learn more about you and contact you directly to hire you for services. (See any of our artists pages and Services page to see what you receive)
  • Inclusion of your works for sale in our online shopping pages
  • The ability to list your shows and events in our online calendar of Events
  • The opportunity to participate in events that ArtContempo gets involved with
  • Marketing Guides with easy to follow, step by step strategies
  • We promote our artists in our Blog, in press releases, in our website and through various social media sites.
  • Our artist co-op will promote our artists locally in addition to online
  • Our artist co-op will promote the sale of your art both online and off
  • Optional services are also availabe, such as setting up your social networking sites for you, your own Blog, promotions and more.
  • If you want your own website, in addition to being listed under ArtContempo, you will enjoy hefty discounts on your very own, search engine optimized website with our web design partner company. We've built the relationship and negotiated discounted rates for you, as an ArtContempo artist memeber.
  • Why an artists co-op? You benefit by having your works of art listed online, having an artistic team to collaberate with, a team to think with and team to market with. None of us knows everything, a synergistic relationship with other like-minded individuals will elevate your business in numerous ways. Join our artist co-op today.

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