ArtContempo - The Artist Co-op Story

Artistic Beginnings:

Art Contempo began with Cassandra Alderman and Eric Bell plus a group of artistic friends including Sunny Faulhaber and Mike Becker. This small group attended school together and later worked as a team on various projects throughout Florida's Tampa Bay area.

We've always referred work to one another whenever a project fell outside of our area of expertise or when there was simply more than enough work to go around on a large project. (Helping each other stave off "Starving Artist Syndrome")

Several years ago we began discussing a marketing co-op for artists. We knew most artists operate independently and, being artistic, don't put a lot of energy (typically anyway) into the 'business' side of the art business, the usual focus is on creation not business and marketing.

We decided it would behoove everyone if we formalized our 'referral' system by creating an artist co-op and expanded to include other local artists who might be in need of our services, so began ArtContempo, the co-op for artists.

Where we are now:

Today we have a strong network of talented artists. We all continue to work independently; but come together as a group in some areas, where the group dynamic is more powerful.

One example is our E Commerce system, which allows artists to retail online through our website's shopping pages.

As is customary for us, when we contract for large projects such as murals and building facades,  we use each other's artistic services to see the job through.

As to individual work, ArtContempo's Co-op will refer work to the 'resident experts', such as portrait work to the artists who are best suited for that job and are available.

Our expanding business has us now looking for artists both within our  local area and in other communites who share similar goals with us:

  • Provide quality, artistic products and services to customers
  • Have a strong commitment to our local and global community
  • Support other artists through referrals generated by ArtContempo
  • Immerse ourselves in our creative passions

Where Are We Headed?

It is our intention to become an international artist co-op, providing a retail venue and marketing presence for artists in countries outside of the United States, thus  creating artistic beauty and positive change throughout the world.

We believe in working WITH each other NOT FOR each other, which is why you will find that each member artist is an independent contractor and therefore free to take on any project that their heart leads them to.

This concept has led us to an exciting portfolio that is ever expanding, while giving us the freedom to grow as individual artists.

We believe in creating positive change on our planet and feel that the group dynamic contributes to a greater effort and inspiration level as well as a more effective marketing campaign.

Are you an artist in need of a solid marketing presence and an E-commerce site?

Save yourself a lot of money and aggravation, we've done the work for you. Check out our Membership Information. Art Contempo Membership is the very thing you need to bring your artisitc business to the next level.


Cassandra Moll and Eric Bell
Lifelong Friends, Fellow Artists and
Co-Owners and Founders of Art Contempo


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